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Monica Georgieff

Job Marketing Manager
email monica [at] kanbanize [dot] com
Skypeid monicageorgieff
Phone number +359887111225
Company Kanbanize
City (Country) Sofia, Bulgaria
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Lean and Agile Marketing with Kanban


Monica Georgieff is Head of Marketing at Kanbanize. She is one of the thought leaders in the Lean and Agile Marketing community, an author, and an international guest speaker. After completing her education in Toronto, Canada and London, UK, she had a brief stint in the marketing agency world but ran away to join the world of software in her hometown of Sofia, Bulgaria to develop resources for value-driven marketers to implement Lean and Agile in their workflows. She brings her creative literary education to the SaaS digital marketing and content world and believes the future of marketing is a value-driven approach that brings real results and pivots successfully based on fluctuations in the market. She is a contributor on


You might be asking yourself — what do software development practices and marketing have in common? In truth, there is a lot more common ground than you might think between the processes that occur in a software product development team and a marketing team. Applying lean in marketing is an experiment in creating a more streamlined workflow than the creative team might have been used to before. As the head of a marketing team, supporting the shipping of a SaaS product, I have become accustomed to trying out methods I see our developers use on my own team. After almost two years running my marketing team on Kanban and collecting case studies from industry leaders who have opted for a more value-driven, waste-free workflow, I can attest to the fact that a flow-based method enforcing work in progress limits, allows for visualization of the process and aims to deliver maximum value to the customer has the potential to transform the marketing game. Marketing professionals are in a position to act as a gateway for Lean and Agile methodologies to enter the business units of any organization, moving beyond just development and production, in order to boost collaboration, communication and transparency.


Having heard of Lean and Agile or observed other teams around you using the principles of these methodologies is recommended, as they will not be explained in extreme details, more so their correlation with the existing challenges of marketers will be explained.

Benefits for the attendees

-Discussion on the future of lean and agile in the business units of an organization. -Hear case studies from marketing organizations and departments (in companies such as IBM and Oracle) who practice Lean and Agile marketing successfully. -Get in-depth insights into how to practically apply these methodologies to improve communication among the different departments of your organizations.


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