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Michael Harris

Job President & CEO
email m [dot] harris [at] softwarevalue [dot] com
Phone number 610-644-2856 x22
Company DCG Software Value
City (Country) Philadelphia, PA
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
Level Everybody

Be Smart. Create a Software Value Management Office to Drive Business Value


Michael Harris has more than 30 years of broad management experience in the IT field, including periods in R&D, development, production, business, and academia. An author and speaker on a range of topics related to the Value Visualization of IT, Mr. Harris is considered a thought leader in the international software development industry. In addition to publishing numerous articles, his second book “The Business Value of Software” is scheduled to be published in August 2017. He has also co-authored a book titled “The Business Value of IT: Managing Risks, Optimizing Performance, and Measuring Results”. Additionally, he has presented at dozens of industry conferences, including: Better Software Conference, The CIO Forum, Software Best Practices Conference, among others. He became president, CEO and majority owner of DCG Software Value in 2006 and previously held numerous senior executive positions in Fortune 500 companies, including: Fidelity National Information Services (NYSE: FIS), Sanchez Computer Associates (NASDAQ: SCAI) and MasterCard International (NASDAQ: MA).


Despite the excellent strides made over the years in standardizing processes to ensure projects are executed efficiently and effectively, much of the focus has been on progress and utilization rather than on business value. In today’s competitive marketplace, organizations need to turn their attention to driving business value from their software development initiatives. The creation of a Software Value Management Office (SVMO) does just that – it optimizes processes to maximize value flow and measure value. In Agile organizations, the function of the SVMO is to get the business units to collaborate with the technical team on assigning value to features and epics and making that value visible so both are focused on driving value for the project. In this presentation, Michael Harris will discuss the challenges with current Agile operations and contrast them with the “value” a SVMO can provide organizations; the importance of visualizing the value of a software development project; and the changes executives will need to make in order to create and benefit from a SVMO.

Benefits for the attendees

Attendees will leave this presentation understanding the need for visualizing the economic and business value of a software initiative; how the business unit and IT can successfully collaborate on value streams for each application development project; and how a SVMO can guide the organization to maximize and measure the business value of its software.

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