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email wassel [dot] alazhar [at] gmail [dot] com
City (Country) Paris
Time 45'
Type of Conference Conference > 100 attendees
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Digital ambitions


Wassel Alazhar is a consultant at Octo Technology and an active member of the software craftsmanship community in Paris. In the business for 10 years, he helps his clients to sustainably deliver value through better quality software.


A global energy leader is implementing an ambitious digital transformation strategy. To do so, the company has started investing in digital with a budget of €1.5 billion over the next three years. One of the main challenges for the company is to improve the reliability and the performance of the assets around the world. To address that, the energy leader wants to take advantage of Big Data analytics and IoT technologies by developing a partnership with a startup in the Silicon Valley. In this talk, I will share the insights of this project, reflect on how agility can help organisations to achieve such ambitious transformation and understand what would be the limitations.

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